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Resources for New Parents

What Can I Expect From A High 5 For Mom & Baby Facility?

High 5 for Mom & Baby facilities know breastfeeding plays a crucial role in the overall health of babies and mothers. That's why they choose to be recognized by the High 5 for Mom & Baby program, which allows Kansas hospitals and birth centers to demonstrate their commitment to infant and maternal health by supporting breastfeeding success.

Breastfeeding education

High 5 for Mom & Baby facilities will have a well-trained staff, and policies in place to help mothers meet their breastfeeding goals. These facilities will also have information on breastfeeding classes.


Skin-to-skin bonding

Babies will be dried and placed on the mother's bare chest immediately after birth. This skin-to-skin contact is calming and warming for the new baby, and helps mothers and infants form an important bond.


Highly trained staff

High 5 for Mom & Baby facility staff have special skills and are prepared to help new mothers learn to breastfeed.

No food other than breastmilk

New mothers will be encouraged to only feed babies breastmilk. This is all the infant needs, and they will thrive from this powerful, perfect food.

Rooming in

High 5 for Mom & Baby facilities will encourage mothers and babies to stay together 24 hours a day. This helps mothers learn their baby's hunger cues, and helps mothers breastfeed as soon as the baby show signs of hunger. Research shows moms and babies who room in sleep more and with better quality.

No pacifiers or bottle nipples

Recognized facilities will not give pacifiers, and will encourage you to wait until breastfeeding is well established before giving your baby a pacifier or artificial nipple. This encourages mothers to feed on demand and helps them make more milk.

Resources upon leaving

High 5 for Mom & Baby facilities provide information about where to get help with breastfeeding after being discharged.

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